Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In the not too distant future...

This dream sequence happens in the not too distant future. Our hero, given his background in the navy and intel has been drafted back into defense software development. Given the rapidly deteriorating situation in this country, as our enemies start operating within the US, everyone involved has been issued a rifle. He has to carry the rifle in his car, to and from work, and bring it into the house when he gets home. He keeps the rifle, a new-generation 7.62mm military rifle, the replacement for the M14, in the back seat, where he can reach between the backs and bring the rifle into the front.

He is plugged into the network at home and can get messages on their 42inch flat screen HDTV. His wife has been very anti-gun, but she pretty quickly accepted the need for the rifle. The scariest part is the fifth column operating within our country. They were recruited from the politically disaffected and from illegal immigrants. The religious aspect is also a factor, which seems to be a very strange development, since the politics are aligned towards atheism and the radical left. That doesn't make any sense at all, and just is a really disconcerting aspect of the whole situation.

Nights are the hardest time, as our hero, his wife, and their dogs are on edge, wondering if they will have a peaceful night, or if some dark force might strike.

Friday, November 24, 2006

In "The Building"

I am working in large complex of buildings, and we are all taking a break and walking across to the other tower to where the break area is located. I am carrying my work, which is research about Portuguese and Spanish ships. I am walking with my associate, a woman, and telling her about what I am doing. We were part of a "mass migration" of people, apparently ready to take a break.

I had come to work, walking through an area with large trees and green grass, walking on sidewalks. On the way, I did not see many cars on the street. The sun was out and the sky was blue. I like what I do, getting paid to do historical research. I work with interesting people, who provide stimulating conversation.

In "The Building"

I am working in large complex of buildings, and we are all taking a break and walking across to the other tower to where the break area is located. I am carrying my work, which is research about Portuguese and Spanish ships. I am walking with my associate, a woman, and telling her about what I am doing. We were part of a "mass migration" of people, apparently ready to take a break.

I had come to work, walking through an area with large trees and green grass, walking on sidewalks. On the way, I did not see many cars on the street. The sun was out and the sky was blue. I like what I do, getting paid to do historical research. I work with interesting people, who provide stimulating conversation.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I needed to put together a white uniform

I needed to show up at a naval event in my white uniform with shoulder boards. Putting together the uniform was going to be a challenge, as I had not put any uniform on, in a long time. Where did I put my accessories? The shoulder boards might even be a challenge, on short notice. The dress blues would be easier to find that the whites. After finding the white uniform, with the goofy white shoes, I then had to deal with finding where the event was located. I knew that it was not a Mayport, Florida. It had to be in Texas. The Naval Air Station? No, that was closed. The venue had to be the Joint Reserve Center at the former Carswell Air Force Base. This sort of begs the question about why I even needed to attend in uniform, at this point.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

We lived in an old neighborhood with many trees and green lawns

We lived in a neighborhood, of the style that you find in the upper midwest. The houses date from the 1950's, with gables and plenty of greenery. The lawns are short and there are many trees. My cousin, who is three years younger than I am, is there, and he looks like he was fourteen. He says that he looks that way from the physical demands of what he is doing. We are going to go out, so I pick up my suade desert tanker boots, my black Florsheims, and my Reebocks, so that our puppy does not chew them up while we are gone. Coming back, we make the turn into the neighborhood, and wind our away around towards our house. Our house is white, with brown shutters, with a charcoal grey shingle roof. The peak parallels the road, and there are gable with windows, for the second story. There is something peaceful about this neighborhood. The people are middle class and educated, and go to mainline churches on the square, downtown, except that there are multiple Catholic churches, north and south. They have a Catholic high school on the south side. The whole atmosphere is totally different from Texas.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I was sitting in a banquet

I was sitting at a banquet table. The one gentleman looked to be Southeast Asian, but I could not place the country. He was in the army, while I am a navy man. This was a strange event, as we were close to a gymnasium that had basketball rings around the perimeter. The floor was all colored tile, and was divided into geometric patterns. There was a computer screen on the table that showed an overview of the floor.

There were people out on the floor, running and jumping, and shooting baskets. At least, they were aiming at the baskets. The gym was very well-lighted and was a pleasant temperature, being well-air conditioned. I was not sure what I would do, as I was not disposed to shoot baskets, that sort of athletic event not being what I would choose to do. I would be more inclined to run and exercise.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was working with some people who had a school

I was working with some people who had a school. They asked me to teach a class about evolution. That was a topic of which I was knowledgable. I needed to be able to walk into the classroom and be handed an outline, and then speak to that outline. That is what I did, successfully. I had found that when I knew a topic well, that speaking extemporaneously was not a problem for me.

The whole topic of the history of the Earth and evolution was a subject that had long interested me. The reality is that evolution has not been a nice, straight-line process, with incremental changes along the way. Instead, the Earth has been subjected to periods where there was increased radiation, presumably from the Sun, which caused rapid mutation. When the radiation died down to a more stable level, the new variations bred and the stable results would survive.

Another factor has been the periodic cataclysms that have wracked the Earth. Most have been from collisions with asteroids, or large metereorites. Some of the effects have been quite dramatic, such as shifts in the axis of rotation of the Earth, and changes in the magnetic poles. There may be something to the concept, rather a fringe idea, that the Earth's crust could "slip". That could account for the sudden freeze that caught the large animals and froze them, in the last 100,000 years.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I was discussing intelligent devices

I was discussing intelligent devices with this woman, who told me that the devices did not need to be expert in performance. I told her that if she threw the tennis ball towards me, I wanted to be able to toss my "smart ball" in the general direction of the incoming ball, and have my "smart ball" "nail it". That is the level of performance that I think is desired.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I was visiting my previous employer

I have had an ongoing relationship with a small company since November 2004. In this sequence, I am visiting them and am shown the new projects that are planned. These are for new products with "P" and "R" names. I am thinking that I sure would like to go back there and work on these projects when my current contract ends. I am talking with my friends there, and it seems like a good idea to me. Who knows how things will play out, however.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comparing my poor circulation with that of my brother

In this sequence, my younger brother was as tall as he really is, but he was thinner, and not as strong looking. He was telling me that he had poor circulation in his feet and lower legs. I told him that I did, as well, and we took off our socks and pulled up our pant legs, to compare the color of our feet and lower legs. We both had rather purple colored feet and lower legs, not a good thing.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Harry, and our investigation

I am sitting, doing an investigation with Harry into medical records. A nurse comes by and glares at me. She takes a card I have and scans it, and then lets me know that she takes a dim view of what we are doing. Later, we are looking at rural airports in the East. Harry is into biplanes and classic firearms, mostly rifles with polished wood stocks. Harry wears a dark gray fedora and is a collector and competitive shooter. Later, another investigator, who is trying to find Harry is with me and Harry's girlfriend. Harry's girlfriend is a striking woman. She is about 5ft-9in, slender, with rather short reddish brown hair and a Virginia accent. In answer to a question from the other investigator, she says that Harry has been at this one airport, and that he is involved in a competition, something like "classic firearm repair".

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My son

My younger brother carried my son in and lay him on the single bed. My son was in a program where he would become a naval officer. My son had been on duty all night, and was dead tired, so my brother carried him home and put him on the bed.

I was proud of my son, and I had been at a navy-related event, where I had talked with an admiral about my son, and what he was doing. We were all wearing our dress uniforms. The Admiral's uniform was rather different, as it was almost a dark, gray-blue, with silver braid, rather than gold, as is the case in real life. The Admiral was rather broad across, and there was so much silver braid, he almost looked like he was in some foreign navy, rather than ours. I was wearing my Lieutenant-Commander uniform at the event, since uniforms were required.

Later, my son was awake, and he was concerned that he could not log into American Express to check his balance, since for some reason, his password didn't work. My son had many of his belongings at our house. There was a half-built, balsa wood aircraft on a round table. About a dozen and a half of his keys were on the dresser top, and my wife was looking at the keys, looking for a specific key. Some had pastic tops that looked like car keys, while others were small, brass, with a round top, like cube drawer and flipper keys.

Later, I look out a window, and see my brother out on the lush, green lawn with a large square of brown cloth with small colored squares as a pattern. He is with other long-haired people who smoke, and wear Levis. The woman he is with is slender, about 5ft-6in, and has long, light brown hair.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Out in the backyard, looking to hide

In this sequence, we are under a gray sky, looking at the backyard of the old homestead. The backyard slopes way down to the retaining wall, with a final dip, right before it. The grass is dark green, and healthy, being well-watered. I am looking around, thinking that our young friend could duck down to hide, on the final downslope, next to the retaining wall. You do not want our jack-booted thug friends to find you, when they come by. Their questioning methods are rather nasty. They are a lot worse than something as tame as waterboarding. They are also a lot more painful, if not injurious. I could just go up and unlock the back door, so we could hide in the house. That is only good if they do not take the time to go in locked houses in their search. The modern version of the Gestapo's methods are just as brutal as their predecessors. You would only rely on ducking down out of sight of a cursory search, where they did not come all the way into the backyard.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Megan showed me the device

Megan showed me the device that looked like a power adapter. There was a square black box, perhaps two inches on a side and an inch deep. It had prongs to plug into a power outlet. A cable came out of the device with a connector on the end. The device was used to connect to the Internet from a power outlet. We were sitting in a dark wood panelled living room, in overstuffed chairs. Megan told me about her work analyzing organizations.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My girlfriend, in this sequence

In this sequence, I am in a large, rather dark office, filled with cubicles and rather wide passages. I am wondering where my girlfriend is, when she walks up to talk to the person in the cube to my left. She is wearing a black and red-checked dress with short sleeves and knee-length. It is acceptable in this environment for me to walk up to my girlfriend and put my arm around her waist and stand next to her.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I can imagine my Dad drawing Yellow Page ads in Eternity

I can imagine my Dad in Eternity doing what he had done for many decades: drawing Yellow Page ads. Many of his salesmen would be there, to take his work and sell them to those entrepreneurs who, even in Eternity, who see a need and create a business to tap the market for that service or product. It makes sense to me. They would advertise in the Eternity Yellow Pages.

On the hillsides in Eternity, there are all these people stretched out, sleeping. They are the ones who Dexter had told: "you can sleep when you die". In this life, you needed to go without sleep to maximize your productivity.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Out in the sun

The sky is blue, but hazy. The sun is bright, and I am walking along a street towards the parking lot. The street is asphalt and the sidewalk is old and rough, with many stones visible. I am thin and younger. I see my girl friend in the distance, and break into a trot in her direction. She does not see me, as she walks across the parking lot towards the building. She is rather tall and slender, with short, light brown hair. She is wearing jeans and a light yellow, short-sleeved blouse.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My cat in the night

My cat, a brown and white female Maine coon is sitting on a rail, in the night. She knows that I plan on grabbing her and taking her inside. She jumps off the other side of the rail, which looks to be a long fall. The sky is dark, as it is nighttime, and the hill slopes down at about a 45 degree angle. Somehow, she lands safely, and runs down the hill. I run after her. There is a path down the hill that levels out behind what look like town homes, that back up to the trail or path. At the bottom, the trail becomes a paved sidewalk. I start looking around for where my cat went. I hesitate to call, given that people might be asleep.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

In another office

My son is with me when I go into an office for S***** where I am a consultant (in this sequence). We go to the security guard and I tell him that I work at the 5th Avenue office and show him my driver's license so he can check me out, which he does. For whatever reason, I don't have a badge, as we just show identification to get in the office. He lets us into the building, but we are near the entrance. We are in an area where you can walk up to a computer, with counter space around. My son asked about looking at coffee mugs from what he has in his collection of items. Instead, we are given an orangish brown leather coat. My son notices that there are several ball point pen lines on the coat. The guard had given us two coffee pots, which we set on the counter. There is a ready use PC, and I use it to go to my remote desktop. I wanted to look in the Eclipse IDE for a test that had the setup I wanted to find.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Climbing into the basement

We could have gone into the building, through security, to get to the basement, but my friend had a cover off a window, and there were stairs down into the basement of the building. This was a square hole in the building, set a few inches above the pavement. The opening was large, and I ducked down and walked down the steps. I had this communicator block, and I looked at the graphics for a young guy's posting of a written piece. I thought about my own, as that was why I had the communicator block in my hands. The size was about 5in x 5in x 5in. There was imagery on all sides, not just a conventional display.

We are staying at a motel

We have been staying at a motel, and are within walking distance of many places. The motel must be rather marginal and "mom and pop" (although, probably just the "mom"). My wife is off somewhere, and the proprietress asks me if I can pay part of the bill (presumably to help her out).

Friday, June 30, 2006

We were talking at work

We were standing around, talking. There was my boss, and female co-worker. This young guy, who had dropped out of Yale and started working as a programmer, had missed his chance to go to Florida on business. He could have driven there with us. Our boss knew that this guy had wanted to go there and look for a job.

I was saying "Programming is the sort of job where you can drop out of school, even high school, and go to work". Apparently, this guy had threatened to come get me, and he had a gun. I needed to make sure that I had a gun, as well. I would get my pistol and put it into my shoulder holster.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Working at night

I was at the old homestead in Parchment. The yard was very dark, although you could see the garage on the right and the drive, looking back from the house. My black and orange dog Sadie was sitting in the yard. I wondered where my cat was. I went back in the house. My Dad was working there. I looked around and saw an exhibit that Hugh had put together about a technical topic, with photographs and labels, explaining them. There were also components connected to the board. I was looking at a book that had illustrations of odd-looking people, not of this Earth. The top illustration had a woman with a large, orange-brown head, with three eyes, one to the right and two to the left of her nose. Her head stepped in to a smaller diameter, a few inches above the shoulder, with a round top. The illustration below showed a person in a hooded cloak, with an opening. The person had what was called a "sept", and their head was cleft, where our face would be. You could not actually see that, as all you could see was a black cleft in the hood.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A little white burro

I was in my pajamas when my wife's little white burro got out the door. The creature was more dog-like than burro-like. The burro's legs were shorter, and were more like those of a dog. The head was large and the ears were short. I don't remember that there was much of a tail. I mishandled things at the front door, and the burro slipped out the door. I was rather slow getting out the door to follow the burro, and he headed up the sidewalk for the mall parking lot. I caught up with him and picked him up, as if he were a dog. All of a sudden, he had a blue suit on. I thought it was strange, people who would dress their animals in clothes. When I got home to show him to my wife, I was holding a new-born baby, as if I had gotten him, not the burro, by mistake.

Monday, June 12, 2006

This is been a long time coming

What I am now calling Dream Sequence was conceived close to two years ago. I had this cool name, and then forgot it! Dream Sequence is something similar to what I had originally had. I will be posting "on demand", as the need arises.

Sitting in a big-boat car back seat

We were inside the apartment, and my lady-friend, Cecille was leaning against a doorway, smoking a cigarette that she had just lit. That was very out of character, but was an acceptable way of stretching the limits. I came up, put my right arm around her waist and she kissed me. She is rather tall, at 5ft-8in, with reddish-blonde hair, pulled back. The scene shifts to me sitting in the driver's side back seat in a "big-boat", old style convertable. Our really tall, slender, blonde friend opened the front passenger-side door and sat down. She turned and told me that Cecille was on the phone, talking with a realtor in Portland about looking at a house. We are not in Portland, although we are also not in Texas.

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