Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama's first two months

In retrospect, the American populace should not have been surprised at the reaction to Barack Obama's actions in his first two months in office. At that early point, supporters were disappointed at his constant bumbling, far worse than that exhibited by George W. Bush. People were just starting to understand that Obama could not speak without a teleprompter and script. If he got the wrong script, he would say the wrong thing. His policies were a shock, as he was intent on implementing as quickly as possible, a far-left dream list of policies. Most people who voted for him had just assumed that he would give them a presidency similar to President Clinton, but with more style. Instead, they were getting another Jimmy Carter, with all the drawbacks of Carter, with a much more radical agenda, and even more inept than his role model.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

As the country lurched into a depression, people were amazed

Six weeks into the Obama administration, in early 2009, people were amazed that President Obama seemed oblivious to the consequences of his far-left policies that he was bent on implementing. The man who could only speak with the aid of a teleprompter could only spin what was happening as being somehow positive. Events seemed to be beyond his control, however, as the stock market plunged faster than it had in the previous Great Depression. There was widespread talk, out of the media, about the country and world splipping into a new depression.

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