Sunday, July 26, 2009

In six short months, Barack Obama's presidency was showing signs of unraveling

In his first six months, Barack Obama had started to turn his supporters away. We theorize that he was elected on the basis of unrealistic expectations by voters. They expected him to stop the fighting in the two wars, revive the economy, give everyone in the country the same health insurance as middle-class Americans, and create better relations with the countries of the world.

Little of that was ever a real possibility. Instead of taking the steps that would achieved some measure of that agenda, the economy was bad for the average person. They feared for their jobs and income. There continued to be many home foreclosures. There were still half a million workers losing their jobs every month. The stock market had rebounded, but that seemed to be based on either market manipulation or unreasonable hope, as large corporate revenues had plummeted in the last year. The price of gasoline was rising. The government had run up a record deficit in just six months. There was talk of rationing health care and degrading the health care of people who were happy with what they had. What would happen next?

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