Thursday, June 22, 2006

Working at night

I was at the old homestead in Parchment. The yard was very dark, although you could see the garage on the right and the drive, looking back from the house. My black and orange dog Sadie was sitting in the yard. I wondered where my cat was. I went back in the house. My Dad was working there. I looked around and saw an exhibit that Hugh had put together about a technical topic, with photographs and labels, explaining them. There were also components connected to the board. I was looking at a book that had illustrations of odd-looking people, not of this Earth. The top illustration had a woman with a large, orange-brown head, with three eyes, one to the right and two to the left of her nose. Her head stepped in to a smaller diameter, a few inches above the shoulder, with a round top. The illustration below showed a person in a hooded cloak, with an opening. The person had what was called a "sept", and their head was cleft, where our face would be. You could not actually see that, as all you could see was a black cleft in the hood.

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