Monday, August 07, 2006

Harry, and our investigation

I am sitting, doing an investigation with Harry into medical records. A nurse comes by and glares at me. She takes a card I have and scans it, and then lets me know that she takes a dim view of what we are doing. Later, we are looking at rural airports in the East. Harry is into biplanes and classic firearms, mostly rifles with polished wood stocks. Harry wears a dark gray fedora and is a collector and competitive shooter. Later, another investigator, who is trying to find Harry is with me and Harry's girlfriend. Harry's girlfriend is a striking woman. She is about 5ft-9in, slender, with rather short reddish brown hair and a Virginia accent. In answer to a question from the other investigator, she says that Harry has been at this one airport, and that he is involved in a competition, something like "classic firearm repair".

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