Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In the not too distant future...

This dream sequence happens in the not too distant future. Our hero, given his background in the navy and intel has been drafted back into defense software development. Given the rapidly deteriorating situation in this country, as our enemies start operating within the US, everyone involved has been issued a rifle. He has to carry the rifle in his car, to and from work, and bring it into the house when he gets home. He keeps the rifle, a new-generation 7.62mm military rifle, the replacement for the M14, in the back seat, where he can reach between the backs and bring the rifle into the front.

He is plugged into the network at home and can get messages on their 42inch flat screen HDTV. His wife has been very anti-gun, but she pretty quickly accepted the need for the rifle. The scariest part is the fifth column operating within our country. They were recruited from the politically disaffected and from illegal immigrants. The religious aspect is also a factor, which seems to be a very strange development, since the politics are aligned towards atheism and the radical left. That doesn't make any sense at all, and just is a really disconcerting aspect of the whole situation.

Nights are the hardest time, as our hero, his wife, and their dogs are on edge, wondering if they will have a peaceful night, or if some dark force might strike.

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