Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Concern about Barack Obama

By early 2008, analysts became increasingly concerned about the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. By this time, they had learned something about his relationship to a Lebanese businessman with ties to the Middle East and to wealthy Muslims in the United Kingdom. There was evidence to suggest that he had been subsidized by those sources since at least 1995. There was precedent for this sort of thing, as the buzz was that the Clintons had been subsidized by the Red Chinese since the early 1970's. That had continued until the scrutiny had become to strong, by the latter 1990's. The question was: "where were Barack Obama's true loyalties?" The observers at the time could only watch as events unfolded.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

By early 2008, the world was descending into chaos

By early 2008, the situation seemed quite desperate and seemed bound for chaos. We saw increasing numbers of freelance terrorists, striking for some obscure or for some mainstream cause. The world economy seemed on the brink. Leftist governments were springing around the globe, including the United States. The main progressive candidates spoke of implementing economic policies that had proved disastrous in 1930. They wanted to raise taxes and erect trade barriers (so they said). Crimes committed by delusional people looked little different from those committed by extremists. A deranged gunman killed people at Northern Illinois University. A short time later, a Palestinian gunman killed students at a seminary in Israel.

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