Monday, June 12, 2006

Sitting in a big-boat car back seat

We were inside the apartment, and my lady-friend, Cecille was leaning against a doorway, smoking a cigarette that she had just lit. That was very out of character, but was an acceptable way of stretching the limits. I came up, put my right arm around her waist and she kissed me. She is rather tall, at 5ft-8in, with reddish-blonde hair, pulled back. The scene shifts to me sitting in the driver's side back seat in a "big-boat", old style convertable. Our really tall, slender, blonde friend opened the front passenger-side door and sat down. She turned and told me that Cecille was on the phone, talking with a realtor in Portland about looking at a house. We are not in Portland, although we are also not in Texas.

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