Saturday, January 26, 2008

The cover story

Sixty years of stonewalling by the American government about unidentified flying objects had caused people to eventually forget the subject. Still, the story would not totally die, due to the repeated sightings.

In the case of the gigantic flat "thing" hovering less than a thousand feet over north Texas, the cover story offered by the government was laughable. After denying that there had been aircraft near the sighting area, southwest of Dallas, they later said that there had been ten F-16's in the area. Those who had seen the odd vehicle when it was hovering and then had shot off out of sight, they knew very well that it had not been F-16's. They knew what the F-16's were like and had seen then later flying after the large vehicle.

The generalized cover story was that whatever was seen could always be explained as something totally natural and usual. That served to cover both the alien craft and crashes and the prototypes from the various black projects that used technology developed from the alien crash sites.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A "black program"

The general populace in the United States had long believed that the U.S. Government was suppressing information about what people were seeing in the skies. People also suspected that the government might have collected artifacts from wrecks within the continental U.S., at a minimum. In fact, it was true. Since 1947, when the first wreckage had been collected, a concerted effort was made to collect similar wrecks, when they were found and to hide that fact. A long-running "black project" was underway to study and to utilize what was found. Prototypes were built, but they were constructed and tested under the most secret conditions. One of the prime contractors was an aeronautical company that had formerly designed and built complete aircraft, but had gotten out of that business, as the aviation market shrank. They seemed like a good company to employ, because they were out of the main stream of aviation development. They had a huge complex in Texas, and a lot of spare manufacturing capacity. By the early 2000's, the Government apparently felt emboldened and started to fly their new craft in the night skies to the southwest of Dallas. Startled observers described what they saw as being "a mile long and a half mile wide", but the actual craft was considerably smaller than that, although it was very large. The test pilots and crews stayed close to the ground to avoid radar and to avoid commercial and general aviation. They liked to fly on the weekends, as there was generally a lower level of activity on the air and on the ground. The long winter nights were welcome cover. The crews delighted in playing with their running lights to give the started residents a good show, and they attracted a great deal of attention and wonderment.

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