Thursday, December 27, 2007

One more step towards Armageddon

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto after Christmas, in December 2007, was a major step down the road towards eventual armageddon. The western countries desperately wanted to believe that they were not in a war of civilizations with the conservative Muslims. They kept hoping that if they ignored what was happening in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan that it would somehow all go away. All this talk of a war was just President Bush and the "Neo-Conservatives" talking. There was no substance to it. They just wanted to fight, perhaps under the control of Jewish interests in the financial world and Israel. Sadly, the funny men who wanted to wear bad clothes, not take a bath, and wanted harems of five year old girls thought otherwise. The world was re-enacting the events of the late 1930's all over again, but with a new cast of evil characters and naive and idealistic liberals.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The early 21st Century

As the 21st Century progressed, the situation became increasingly perilous. The Europeans refused to see the growing threat to their homelands from immigrants, many of whom refused to learn the language and integrate. Fortunately, there were many immigrants who appreciated the free European lifestyle, and wanted it for themselves, along with the affluence. Meanwhile, American moved decisively to the left and seemed blinded to the ever-growing threat to their land and lifestyle, as well. In their case, there was less danger from immigrants and a greater threat from unconventional warfare and the use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. There was also a threat from commandos prepared to commit suicide in order to inflict maximum casualties and to disrupt normal life.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The battle for Western Europe

The need to fight for Western Europe for much of the first half of the 21st Century was one of the major surprises. The Europeans were faced with the demographic equivalent of infiltration tactics, developed during the Great War. The Western Europeans generally wanted to have these multi-cultural paradises, where they allowed North African and Turkish immigrants to not integrate into their societies. Not very far into the 21st Century, they were dismayed to find that they had insurgent groups in their midst who used riots and general civil disorder as a weapon against the governments and their liberal societies. The United States had been forced to deal with these sorts of tactics, starting as long ago as 1968 and continuing for some time. In the United States, the problem was greatly reduced as the minority population, in the American case being African descendants, became more integrated and affluent. The first shots wer e symbolically fired in France and the Netherlands, and they were both quickly faced with bitter battles. Germany, with their minority Turkish population had seen the fight start as far back as the latter 20th Century.

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