Sunday, November 05, 2006

We lived in an old neighborhood with many trees and green lawns

We lived in a neighborhood, of the style that you find in the upper midwest. The houses date from the 1950's, with gables and plenty of greenery. The lawns are short and there are many trees. My cousin, who is three years younger than I am, is there, and he looks like he was fourteen. He says that he looks that way from the physical demands of what he is doing. We are going to go out, so I pick up my suade desert tanker boots, my black Florsheims, and my Reebocks, so that our puppy does not chew them up while we are gone. Coming back, we make the turn into the neighborhood, and wind our away around towards our house. Our house is white, with brown shutters, with a charcoal grey shingle roof. The peak parallels the road, and there are gable with windows, for the second story. There is something peaceful about this neighborhood. The people are middle class and educated, and go to mainline churches on the square, downtown, except that there are multiple Catholic churches, north and south. They have a Catholic high school on the south side. The whole atmosphere is totally different from Texas.

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