Saturday, April 18, 2009

There was increasing concern about Obama

By early April 2009, Barack Obama was showing his true colors. He was intent on implementing the dream agenda of the radical left and was meeting with the hitherto shunned Third World dictators, such as Raoul Castro and Hugo Chavez. Chavez may have actually been to Obama's left. Harder to understand were Obama's overtures to the leaders of Iran, who were anything but leftists. If America were ruled by men like those governing Iran, most of Obama's supporters would be dead. It was all very strange.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Early April 2009

By early April 2009, President Obama had spun a story that had caused the stock markets to rebound from their post-inauguration lows. They were really spurred by speculators trying to make money on commodities and the stock market before the world economy took an even worse turn. The President and his partisans had effectively used the panic in the country to allow a binge of wasteful spending that would do little good to restore the country's economic health. Time was working against the President, as events continued to move forward and there was increasing fear of civil unrest as more people were laid off from work.

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