Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The United States in chaos

By mid-June 2008, the general election campaign was in its early stages in the United States. The two major parties had their presumptive nominees: Barack Obama and John McCain. The stock market was in turmoil and the price of oil and gasoline were rising, seemingly without a ceiling. The Democrats were making noises that seemed to indicate that they hoped to nationalize the oil industry after Obama was inaugurated president. The other first act would be to raise taxes on people who had money. Cancelling the Bush tax cuts was a convenient mechanism.

The Democratic candidate was a strange fellow. He had been subsidized by an Iraqi billionaire in London, as well as other Middle Eastern sources for almost 15 years. He also was a closet smoker, which is amusing, as many of his supporters would have been horrified to learn that news. He also gave all the signs of being a Black racist, who was working hard at hiding the fact. The fact remained that he and his wife had been members of a church and regularly attended, where anti-white rhetoric was the usual fare. His main source of money was also in jail and being tried for funneling money to the Illinois governor, much as he had funneled money to the Obama family.

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