Saturday, June 17, 2006

A little white burro

I was in my pajamas when my wife's little white burro got out the door. The creature was more dog-like than burro-like. The burro's legs were shorter, and were more like those of a dog. The head was large and the ears were short. I don't remember that there was much of a tail. I mishandled things at the front door, and the burro slipped out the door. I was rather slow getting out the door to follow the burro, and he headed up the sidewalk for the mall parking lot. I caught up with him and picked him up, as if he were a dog. All of a sudden, he had a blue suit on. I thought it was strange, people who would dress their animals in clothes. When I got home to show him to my wife, I was holding a new-born baby, as if I had gotten him, not the burro, by mistake.

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