Saturday, July 08, 2006

In another office

My son is with me when I go into an office for S***** where I am a consultant (in this sequence). We go to the security guard and I tell him that I work at the 5th Avenue office and show him my driver's license so he can check me out, which he does. For whatever reason, I don't have a badge, as we just show identification to get in the office. He lets us into the building, but we are near the entrance. We are in an area where you can walk up to a computer, with counter space around. My son asked about looking at coffee mugs from what he has in his collection of items. Instead, we are given an orangish brown leather coat. My son notices that there are several ball point pen lines on the coat. The guard had given us two coffee pots, which we set on the counter. There is a ready use PC, and I use it to go to my remote desktop. I wanted to look in the Eclipse IDE for a test that had the setup I wanted to find.

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