Friday, August 04, 2006

Out in the backyard, looking to hide

In this sequence, we are under a gray sky, looking at the backyard of the old homestead. The backyard slopes way down to the retaining wall, with a final dip, right before it. The grass is dark green, and healthy, being well-watered. I am looking around, thinking that our young friend could duck down to hide, on the final downslope, next to the retaining wall. You do not want our jack-booted thug friends to find you, when they come by. Their questioning methods are rather nasty. They are a lot worse than something as tame as waterboarding. They are also a lot more painful, if not injurious. I could just go up and unlock the back door, so we could hide in the house. That is only good if they do not take the time to go in locked houses in their search. The modern version of the Gestapo's methods are just as brutal as their predecessors. You would only rely on ducking down out of sight of a cursory search, where they did not come all the way into the backyard.

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