Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Other notable events of 1652 and 1653

There are a few notable events from the First Anglo-Dutch War, in 1652 and 1653, that would be interesting to see and to record with video. Of course, the incident at Dover that started the war is top on our list. As I have mentioned, the events of 22 July 1652 and the ships and captains involved are something we want to see. Another major event was the storm in the Shetlands (or "Hitland", as the Dutch called it) in early August 1652. At least six warships were sunk in the storm and many more were damaged. The event caused the Dutch enough damage that on 8 October 1652, they were outclassed by the English off the Kentish Knock. Before that, we would like to know about the fight between Sir George Ayscue's fleet and Michiel De Ruyter's fleet off Plymouth. Of course, video of the Battle of Dungeness would be priceless, including a recording of the fight for Tromp's flagship Brederode, when it was attacked by the English Garland and Anthony Bonaventure.

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