Friday, September 21, 2007


There is no understanding stupidity. I was driving along a well-traveled city street, a main thoroughfare, when I looked over and saw three guys in a disreputable looking vehicle that was very well-worn. They lacked working air conditioning, obviously, as they had all the windows down. Stupidity knows no bounds, even in the mid-21st Century, when they should have known better. They drove up next to an SUV and threw several water balloons at the vehicle. Yes, SUV's are the modern equivalent of the late 1940's "woody" station wagon. Auto makers just lost their way in the 1950's and starting producing automobile-like station wagons. When the SUV appeared, it was the original station wagon reborn. The stupidest thing is that they should have known that even if their vehicle ID systems were disabled, they would have been captured on video, along with their license plate. They were "busted" as our daughter would say.

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