Saturday, August 04, 2007

Preparations for a data collection run with the Grid

We decided that we would make our first data collection run on 29 May 1652, off Dover the Downs. We would watch and record the events that lead to the outbreak of the First Anglo-Dutch War. We should be able to confirm that the Dutch flagship Brederode fired a broadside a Robert Blake's flagship James after Blake had fired a round completely through the Brederode, taking the arm off one man in the process. Blake had ostensibly fired a "warning shot" to remind the Dutch that they were supposed to salute by dipping their flags and topsails. For the shot to have gone through the Brederode probably meant that it was from a 32pdr demi-cannon on the lower tier of the James.

We had precalculated the coordinates that should place us over Dover, looking down in early 29 May. We would then adjust to get a better view and position in the temporal axis. We would then capture a quick overall all view and then take 3D models of the ships, Dover castle, and the gun emplacements on the shore. We needed to get the particulars of how each was armed. For the ships, we needed to go into the ship and grab images of papers, including log books, or whatever they had. We needed to find papers that would allow us to confirm the name of each ship and as much as we could find about the crew and provisions.

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