Sunday, July 29, 2007

We really need to study the English navy in 1652 to 1654, as well

The Commonwealth, under Cromwell, was either very bad at record-keeping or the records were largely lost at the Restoration about the English navy during the First Anglo-Dutch War, or even more, the period from 1642 to 1660. After Oliver Cromwell's death, with Richard Cromwell ruling, civil order had begun to deteriorate. There were men setting themselves up, in England, as warlords. The situation had gotten so bad by 1660, that there was popular support for restoring the monarchy and enthroning Charles II as King. Under those circumstances, General Monck marched his army on London and overthrew the Commonwealth government, such as remained of it. Edward Montagu took a squadron of ships across the Channel with Charles and James and brought them to England. What ensued was an orgy of retribution against the remaining principals of the rebellion and Commonwealth. Bodies of important Commonwealth officials were removed from Westminster Cathedral and were dumped in a mass grave. Cromwell's remains are somewhat shrouded in mystery. His head may have been separated fromthe rest of his body, spirited off, and preserved.

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