Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"The Grid"

"The Grid" was an invention from the first century of the new millenium. The grid allows us to look back in time, without being physically present. The grid is positioned through space and time to a particular location. The grid has a feature that allows us to "scan" through space and time to better locate an event. There is a set of vernier controls that control the X, Y, and Z positions in space and the T position in time. The grid can also be "swung" vertically and horizontally. We have the ability to move to a cabin in a ship and to look through a stack of papers.

A nasty feature of the grid is that there is no privacy. Everything can be known. Just think about the ability to watch a crime taking place and to follow a criminal from the crime scene, so that he can be arrested.

If we can do that, just think about the implications about being able to go back in time and see Noah's ark, the parting of the Red Sea, the Resurrection, and other religious events. That results would be so explosive, that having anything to do with such snooping is punishable by death. If anyone does know, they had better not make any disclosures, as doing so would be catastrophic. Because of that, locks have been put in place in the equipment so that this sort of snooping is not possible.

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