Thursday, February 21, 2008

The situation in the early 2000's got more and more outrageous

The leftist media that operated internationally had succeeded in discrediting fighting Islamic extremism and had discredited business and free enterprise in general. In the American election of 2008, the Democratic candidates were ready to implement Herbert Hoover's economic policy. They would put up protective trade barriers and tariffs against foreign imports and raise taxes on successful companies and people. These were just the thing that would topple the world economy into depression, if implemented. Already, the bubble had burst on the American housing market. As early as 2001, thinking people wondered how long the bubble would last. In a few markets, the bubble never formed, but in places like California and Minnesota, housing prices became highly inflated. When the bubble finally burst in 2007, the air came out of the market quickly. The first casualty was the credit industry, which had followed the direction of liberal government and had loaned money without regard to credit history. "The rest is history", as they say.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A modern convenience

One of the rather goofy, modern conveniences from the mid-21st Century is the device that lets a person use a "lightning pager". The person is suitably zapped from the sky with a lightning bolt-like phenomenon to get their attention. They are not actually injured by the lightning bolt, but it sure gets their attention, which is the object. The accompanying capability allows the speaker to talk to the person as a disembodied voice from above. I think it is kind of a nice touch. This is sort of the modern equivalent of talking from a burning bush that is not consumed.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Vigilantes are a dirty business. In "the Old West", they were a way for the people to enforce order when the authorities either lacked the means or the will to do so. In the early 21st Century, "the courts" so restricted law enforcement that criminals were acting ever more boldly. The not unexpected reaction was the formation of "death squads" and "sniper teams". These vigilantes knew that law enforcement would treat them more harshly than they treated criminals. One of the first sniper teams formed with the objective of "taking out" a crew of bank robbers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Let us just say that they succeeded. A feature of these sort of operations is that the vigilantes operate as "judges, jury, and executioners". It "works" but is a dangerous precedent.

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